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Biodiversity Respectful Leadership

Biodiversity Respectful Leadership

Biodiversity is an entity consisting ofall living beings, including us humans. Destroying biodiversity means destroying the source of breathable air, drinkable water, sustenance –the sources of human livelihood and wellbeing.

Nature has always sheltered us. Now it is time for us to protect it.

BIODIFUL is a research project –and also much more. BIODIFUL is an expanding movement of individuals who believe in the possibility of change, have hope for the future and lead to protect life. 

Are you one of us?

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Last Sunday, on the 22nd of May, we celebrated the 21st UN biodiversity day.  As I am not a biologist, it has taken me awhile to wrap my


Why does biodiversity equal life?

Last Sunday, on the 22nd of May, we celebrated the 21st UN biodiversity day.  As I am not a biologist, it has taken me awhile to wrap my


Developing biodiversity-respectful tourism in Finland

The relationship between tourism and biodiversity is multifaceted. Firstly, tourism depends directly on biodiversity. This argument concerns nature-based tourism and special interest tourism, such as safaris, whale watching and bird watching, and fishing tourism. In addition, almost all forms of tourism benefit from intact landscapes, high quality swimming waters, lush green areas, and healthy ecosystems. On the downside, tourism inevitably also decreases biodiversity through pollution, land use, habitat loss, the spread of invasive species, and acceleration of climate change. The more people travel, the greater the risks of environmental damage become.  The good news, however, is that tourism may also

Nature Positive Business Models?

Firms are the most effective instruments of alchemy humans have ever envisaged: they pool together a variety of resources and turn them into consumables, livelihoods and profit. The aim of this blog is to discuss how we could recalibrate those instruments to function not only as sources of human-sized material wealth but also as preservers of the life-sustaining planetary processes, biodiversity. Funnily enough, the more ubiquitous and self-evident something is, the more difficult it becomes to pin it down into a short description. A firm can be viewed as a set of contracts, a constellation of resources, an economic profit seeking


Scientists have a responsibility to bring the message of science clearly and unvarnished to decision-makers and the public.

-Ilari Sääksjärvi, professor
Nature is our partner - taking care of nature and the environment.

-Outi Uusitalo, Professor

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