Biodiful Round Table discussion series 4th May

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Welcome to the second EY and Biodiful roundtable session on “Biodiversity: Research, Regulation, and Business”. 

 This session will explore the complex relationship between biodiversity conservation, scientific research, regulatory frameworks, and business operations. Our panel brings together leaders from academia and business who will share their insights and experiences on how to balance economic growth with the need to protect our planet’s precious biodiversity. We will unpack the key trends and challenges and look towards the future for solutions and best practices for addressing biodiversity. 

Join us as we delve into this critical topic and discover how we can work together to create a more sustainable future for all. 


  • Minna Ojanperä, Chief Policy Officer, EK
  • Sakari Suuriniemi, Senior Manager, UPM
  • Saara Azbel, Head of Sustainability, Arla
  • Jarrod Luxton, Sustainability Services, EY
  • Marileena Mäkilä, Biodiful Researcher
  • Otto Lappalainen, Biodiful Researcher


  • Milla Unkila, Biodiful
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