BIODIFUL Leadership Forum – Leap of Hope // 20 April 2023

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Logomo, Turku // 20 April 2023
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What should leaders and decision-makers know and do about biodiversity?

BIODIFUL is a research project exploring biodiversity respectful leadership. In our first Leadership Forum you will learn about the latest research insights from the interfaces of biodiversity, business and public decision-making, be inspired by our keynote speakers creating a greener future, and have the possibility of networking with researchers, decision-makers and other earth shakers. Welcome! 

The event is free of charge, but requires a registration by 13.4. 


12 pm The Fragile Web of Life
Professor Ilari Sääksjärvi, leader of BIODIFUL, UTU Biodiversity unit

12.30 pm Walking the talk – insights from Qvidja
Saara Kankaanrinta, chair and co-founder of Baltic Sea Action Group foundation, Carbon Action Platfrom, Q Power Ltd, Soilfood Ltd

1 pm Coffee and snacks
+Research poster show

1:30 pm Workshops

3 pm EU biodiversity regulation on six decades – what needs to change?
Ville Niinistö, member of the European Parliament (MEP), Public Health and Food Safety, and the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy.

3.30 pm Towards biodiversity respectful leadership
Professor Satu Teerikangas, co-leader of BIODIFUL, UTU Turku School of Economics


Measuring biodiversity impacts
Biodiversity and global supply chains
Sustainability 3.0: nature positive business models
Meaningful work and life
Biodiversity respectful consumption
Food, food systems and biodiversity

Keynote Speakers

Ville Niinistö

Member of the European Parliament Ville Niinistö is a member on the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, and the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy. In 2011-2014 he worked as the Minister for the Environment in Finland, in addition to being a member of the Finnish Parliament (2007-2019) and the Chairperson of the Green League (2011-2017). He holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and History from the University of Turku. To counterbalance his work in Brussels, he spends his free time in the Turku Archipelago.

Ville Niinistö, oranssi seinä taustalla.

Saara Kankaanrinta

Saara Kankaanrinta is the chair and co-founder of the award-winning Baltic Sea Action Group foundation and Carbon Action Platfrom, Q Power Ltd and Soilfood Ltd. She and her husband develop regenerative practices in the Qvidja reseach farm. She has an exceptional ability of forming holistic yet targeted actions – and to mobilize people, ideas and resources within science, NGO, business and politics.

Nainen valkoisella taustalla.

Ilari Sääksjärvi

Professor Ilari Sääksjärvi is the director of the Biodiversity Unit at the University of Turku, Vice Chair of the Finnish Nature Panel, and director of BIODIFUL. As a biodiversity researcher he has specialized in rare tropical insects and Amazonia. In addition to his prolific research career, Sääksjärvi bears an active role in popularizing biodiversity knowledge, especially concerning the impacts of biodiversity loss on societal phenomena.

Satu Teerikangas

Professor Satu Teerikangas leads the subject area in Management and Organization at the School of Economics, University of Turku. She is also Honorary Professor at University College London as well as  vice director of BIODIFUL. Her research focuses on leadership, agency and strategic change management at the interface of business and the natural environment. In addition to BIODIFUL, she is also actively involved in the Strategic Research Council-funded circular economy research consortium CICAT2025.

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