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Joulukuun teemana on “Biodiversity and Global Supply Chains”

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Osallistujat BIODIFUL Round Table 1.12.2023

Anna Heino // Posti

Anna Heino coordinates Posti Group’s climate and nature work. Posti’ net-zero climate targets were the first in Finland to be approved by SBTi, the first in the industry globally, and among the first 17 companies in the world. In addition to science-based climate work, Posti is taking steps towards setting nature targets. Before Posti Anna has worked almost 15 years in sustainability consulting.

Laura Kvissberg // Lidl

Laura Kvissberg leads the sustainability team in the commercial department at Lidl Finland. In her current role she is responsible for driving sustainability in the assortment and supply chains, including various topics from climate and biodiversity to animal welfare and human rights. Conscious diet is however the topic Laura finds closest to her heart. Her personal goal is to enable and inspire Finns to eat healthier and within the planetary boundaries. Laura has worked in sustainability, both in Finland and in Sweden, for over ten years, and in her first even “real job” she launched the first business & biodiversity network in Finland back in 2014.

Outi Uusitalo, professori, Jyväskylä

Outi Uusitalo // BIODIFUL

Outi Uusitalo is a professor of marketing, focusing especially on consumers as actors in the markets, the changing environments of consumption, and the questions of responsible marketing and consumption. She is interested in creating new knowledge and insights about how to minimize the negative environmental and social stress caused by marketing and consumption, and how to harness marketing to instead create positive impacts.

Anne Quarshie potrettikuva.

Anne Quarshie // BIODIFUL

Anne Quarshie is the first person to hold a professorial position specifically in the interdisciplinary field of Biodiversity and Business. Her main research interests include biodiversity-respectful and sustainable business and supply chain management, systemic change processes, interorganizational interactions, and humanitarian disaster preparedness and response. She is involved in the BIODIFORM and BIODIFUL consortia, which investigate the interface between biodiversity and business, systemic transformations for sustainability, and biodiversity-respectful business and leadership.

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