BIODIFUL Round Table 4.5.2023 at 14-15.30


BIODIFUL round table  otsikko vihreällä taustalla jossa on mikrofoni.


Our second session will explore the complex relationship between biodiversity conservation, scientific research, regulatory frameworks, and business operations. Our panel brings together leaders from academia and business who will share their insights and experiences on how to balance economic growth with the need to protect our planet’s precious biodiversity. We will unpack the key trends and challenges and look towards the future for solutions and best practices for addressing biodiversity. 

Join us as we delve into this critical topic and discover how we can work together to create a more sustainable future for all.

This online discussion will take place in English and is facilitated by Milla Unkila.

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Minna Ojanperä, Chief Policy Officer EK
Minna Ojanperä works as Chief Policy Advisor in Confederation of Finnish Industries EK. Her aim is to motivate businesses to become proactive in protecting biodiversity. Her motto is “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.
Sakari Suuriniemi, Senior Manager, Global Forest Affairs, UPM
Sakari Suuriniemi is working as a Senior Manager, Global Forest Affairs in UPM Fibres Business area. Sakari has a strong hands-on understanding of sustainable forest management practices in boreal forests and eucalyptus plantations, and a long experience in managing and developing responsible sourcing processes at UPM. Currently he is responsible for UPM’s engagement with initiatives like Science Based Targets Network, where companies and academia are developing tools and methods for nature targets based on scientific research.
Saara Azbel, Head of Sustainability, Arla Finland
Saara works as Head of Sustainability at Arla Finland, the 2nd largest dairy in Finland belonging to the Arla Foods group. Saara has 10 years of experience from sustainability, working with the development and implementation of sustainability strategies in FMCG industries, now at Arla Finland and previously at Marimekko and Altia (currently Anora Group). 
Jarrod Luxton, Manager, EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services
Jarrod is a sustainability professional and engineer with passion for solving the big issues. He has varied experience ranging from development of strategies and roadmaps for Australian public sector to detailed design of nature-based solutions to integrated water management planning. Jarrod is a leading professional in the areas of climate change mitigation & adaptation, nature, biodiversity & water issues.
Jarrod’s underlying driver is a passion for tackling difficult problems and creating a better world.
Otto Lappalainen works as a researcher for the BIODIFUL project in the Finland Futures Research Centre at the University of Turku. As a social scientist, he is interested in the societal side of biodiversity loss. At the Finland Futures Research Center, he is currently researching why we, as a society, have thus far failed in halting biodiversity loss and, on the other hand, how we could transform our society into a more biodiversity-friendly one.
Marileena Mäkelä is a senior lecturer at the Jyväskylä School of Business and Economics & School of Resource Wisdom. Her research interests include sustainability communications, circular economy, change agents, biodiversity and futures images.
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