Vihreä kalja 24.10. Green beer, a.k.a nature positive action in global contexts


There is (transformative) power in a community. The discussion series Green beer (Vihreä kalja in Finnish) brings together different people and viewpoints, all sharing the same goal: a more green, sustainable and diverse future!

Vihreä kalja is a discussion series bringing together various sustainability and responsibility aficionados from academia, business and public sector. While there are increasingly more individuals interested in and working towards a more sustainable future, very often those individuals find themselves alone in their respective contexts. We in BIODIFUL want to create a shared space for these individuals to meet and share their insights, challenges, solutions and ideas. Vihreä kalja means green beer, and as such highlights the informal atmosphere aimed at in these events: we believe that bringing people together and creating a chance for encounters and sharing, not only empowers the individuals to continue on their journey, but also nurtures creativity that might lead to novel solutions and ideas.

24.10. Green beer, a.k.a nature positive action in global contexts
In Logomo Teatro at 5.30pm.

This discussion looking for diverse perspectives on responsibility and sustainability will be held in English. We welcome people from Finland and abroad to discuss the need for profound sustainability transformation and the different ways through which that can be – or even is being – achieved.

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